Olympia Kiwanis Foodbank Gardens

The Olympia Kiwanis Club manages three gardens in the Olympia area. Approximately 30,000 pounds of produce is raised, harvested, and then donated to the Thurston County Foodbank.

Good to Grow

Check out our video describing all the hard work that is invested by Olympia Kiwanis Club and community volunteers in our three gardens.

Garden Locations:

Goche/Friendly Grove Rd Farm

3020 Friendly Grove Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98501, north on Friendly Grove Rd turn east on 30th Ct NE, go to the end, on the right side.

Capitol Campus

212 Maple Park Ave. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 (Just north of the Employment Security Building)

Westside Garden 

3839 11th Ave. NW, Olympia WA 98502

July 8, 2018 Garden Update:

Hello to All, You Garden and Food Bank Lovers!

Progress Last Week:

The high point for the week was cabbage harvest at 550 pounds from the west side.  Parsley was ready, and peas will be ready this week. Our Summer crew now includes Aly, Percy, and Miranda.  It is terrific to see the reduced weed load that has resulted from these competent people!

Special Request:

We have some serious deficiencies in our deer exclusion fence at the Westside Garden!  Recently some major blackberry vines were cut back on the northwest side, and in so doing, exposed some serious fence post problems.  I know that most of these posts pre-date 1995, and are thus 23 years or more old.  Can those who read this and have fence mending skills please consider some fence improvements over the next two weeks?  We will work on details.

Schedule this week:

Call Mackenzie (360-259-8791) or Don (360-701-5657) if you would like to come to one of the gardens on a “not scheduled” day

July 9, Monday, Not Scheduled;

July 10, Tuesday, MGNW/Goche/Friendly Grove Rd Farm9 AM to 1 PM  -tomato and carrot tending, general weeding;

July 11, Wednesday, West Side, 9 AM to 1 PM - Cabbage harvest/weeding, beet and pea harvest and bean trellising;

July 12, Thursday, West Side, 9 AM to 1 PM - with Wade Arnold and GRUB (crew size to be determined), followup to Wednesday's tasks, Mackenzie hosting;

July 12, Thursday, Capitol Campus, 5 to 6:30 PM - Garlic weeding, garlic scape harvest if ready,  broccoli and cauliflower weeding, (harvest?) squash weeding(?) Don starting with Blue Peetz and Olympia High Freedom Farmers, with Summer Staff Aly, Percy and Miranda;

July 13, Friday, Not scheduled

July 14, Saturday, West Side, 9 AM to Noon  - weeding, trellising (if there is any left to do), Greenhouse cleaning, Barn clean-up;
Thank you again for your dedicated service, and we hope to see you soon in the gardens!


Don Leaf

Olympia Kiwanis Garden Chair

Special Request:

Consider a donation to support the garden interns next year.  Part-time farm/garden workers in temporary employment with the Food Bank acting as employer, helps give the gardens week to week continuity, and helps us keep ahead of the weeds. Your donation to the Thurston County Food Bank with a request that your donation be used for Food Bank garden workers guarantees that your donation will be used that way.  Thank You!